Bruce Madigan
Professional software and hardware 
development for engineering and science.
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Butte MT, 59701 
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Professional Expertise and Interests

Computer Controlled Machines
    System Design, Instrumentation,
    Monitoring, Control, User Interface
Software Development
    System Design, Networking,
    User Interface Design
    C/C++, CGI, HTML, BASIC,
    Assembler, SQL
Low-level Device Drivers

    commercial and custom cards

Signal processing, Process Control
     Model-based, PID, fuzzy logic
Hardware Development
   Circuit Design and Construction
        Analog and Digital interfaces
    6500, 6800(0), Z80, 8051, PIC,
    x86, PowerPC
Operating Systems
   Linux, RTLinux, Unix, DOS,
   Windows CE, Embedded Windows NT, PalmOS

Professional Experience

Professor, Welding Engineering
Montana Tech, University of Montana

Butte, MT
2003 - Present

Professor, Welding Engineering


Butte, MT
2002 - Present

Engineering Consultant

Sr. Product Development Engineer
WeldWare, Inc. 

Columbus, OH 
1998 - 2002

Manual Welding Monitor - DOS and Palm OS project in C/C++ with custom analog and digital boards includingan IRDA communications link.
Weld Penetration Control - Real-time process controller under Window NT Embedded in C/C++ with custom analog and digital boards.
Weld Quality Manager - Desktop/TabletPC Windows applications in C++ with network connection to SQL database.
Automatic Welding Monitor -  Real-time process monitor in C/C++ with custom analog and digital boards and modified Windows CE kernel.
Coaxial Vision Torch - Real-time image processing for control in C/C++ under Linux/RTLinux.

Sr. Computer Control Engineer
Arc Logic Company 

Breckenridge, CO 
1997 - 1998

Welding Power Source Remote Control Interface  - Windows COM/OPC application in C++ using ethernet and RS-232 communications.
Linux-based Machine Controller  - Embedded Linux/RTLinux controller in C for real-time robot control.
High-speed Video Remote Control - Remote user interface and image manipulation for high-speed camera in Windows C/C++ with SCSI and RS-232 communications. 
Real-time Robotic Seam Tracker - Control module under Lynx OS written in C/C++.. 
Varestraint Weldability Test System -Complete precision welding system with motion, welding power source and hydraulic servo control written in C/C++ under Windows NT.

Process Control Engineer
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Boulder, CO 
1989 - 1997

Arc Sensor Module - DOS-based data acquisition and analysis system for real-time welding process monitoring written in C. 
High-Speed Video Analysis System - Fully automatic image acquisition and processing with camera control written in C under Windows. 
Contact Tube Wear Sensor -  DOS-based data acquisition and analysis system for real-time welding process monitoring written in C.
Arc Length Controller - Windows-based real-time controller with data acquisition, processing and equipment control written in C/C++.

Automation Engineer
Edison Welding Institute (EWI)

Columbus, OH 
1985 - 1989

Arc Welding Seam Tracker System - DOS and Unix system with image processing and motion control written in C.
Ultrasonic Welder Control - Apple Macintosh-based control system developed in LabView with custom VIs in C.

Research Associate
Ohio State University, Welding Engineering Department (OSUWE)

Columbus, OH 
1983 - 1985

Weld Penetration Controller - Weldingsystem written in assembler with real-time data acquisition, analysis andmotion and welding power source control.


Colorado School of Mines, Ph.D. - Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 1994

Ohio State University, M.S. - Welding Engineering 1985

Ohio State University, B.S. - Welding Engineering 1983




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