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Consulting Expertise

Welding Processes
Brazing, Soldering and Cutting
Automated Welding
Flexible/Robotic, Fixed/Hard,
Sensing, Monitoring and Control
Computer Controlled Welding
Hardware and Software Development,
Instrumentation, Data Analysis and
Systems Integration
Manual Welding
Training, Testing, Qualification (WPQ)
Welding Metallurgy
Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium,
Porosity, Cracking, Weldability

Welding Procedures
Development, Specification (WPS),
Qualification (PQR) and Troubleshooting
Weld Quality
Quality Monitoring and Control,
Defect and Scrap Reduction,
AWS, ASME and ISO Codes,
Standards and Testing
Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering
Process Modeling and Optimization,
Fixture Design, Material Handling and Flow,
Cost Reduction, Equipment Specification
and Installation

Professional Experience

Professor, Welding Engineering
Montana Tech, University of Montana

Butte, MT
2003 - Present

Professor, Welding Engineering


Butte, MT
2002 - Present

Welding Engineering Consultant.

WeldWare, Inc.

Columbus, OH
1998 - 2002

Welding Engineering Consultant. Provided contractwelding consulting and development services to clients and completedinternal product development. Managed multiple development programs inexcess of $750k each.
Manual Weld Training Monitor - managed and developed embedded computer hardwareand software for a product to assist in the training of manual weldingfor the SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW processes.
Weld Penetration Control - developed welding procedures and a real-time process controller forGTA weld penetration.
Weld Quality Manager - developed a complete weld quality information system including in-field data collection using part pictures, database management and analysis tools for weld quality tracking and visualization.
Automatic Welding Monitor - managed and developed a real-time process monitor for automated androbotic GMA, FCA and GTA welding processes.
Coaxial Vision Torch - managed and developed real-time image processing for control of GTA welding.

Welding Engineering Consultant
Arc Logic Company

Breckenridge, CO
1997 - 1998

Provided contract welding consulting and development services to clients and completed internal product development.
Welding Power Source Remote Control Interface - systems integration project to link multiplewelding power sources throughout a company to a central master control station.
Weld Cell Controller -developed a controller to manage all aspects of a welding system includingpower source, wire feeder and torch manipulator and to record and archivereal-time process data.
High-speed Video Analysis System - developed a remote user interface, data acquisition and imageanalysis system for studying arc welding processes.
Real-time Robotic Seam Tracker - developed, tested and deployed a through-the-arc seam tracking system for robotic welding.
Varestraint Weldability Test System - developed a precision welding system with motion, welding power source and hydraulic servo control for metals weldability testing.
Architectural Long Span Bridge Construction - developed welding procedures high strength low alloy steel and implemented a weld quality control system for a company entering thebridge building business.

Welding Engineer
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Boulder, CO
1989 - 1997

Welding process measurement R&D. Lead engineer for development, delivery and support of welding monitoring and control systems for government-industry technology transfer programs in the automotive, heavy section and aerospace sectors.
Arc Sensor Module - developed a sensing system for GMA welding to determine process stability and detect the formation of common defects such as porosity, burn-through and undercut.
High-Speed Video Analysis System - developed an instrumentation system based on high-speed video to allow detailed studies of and thedevelopment of models for the GMA welding process.
Contact Tube Wear Sensor -developed a system to determine the extent of contact tube wear in GMA welding in real-time such that the tube could be replaced before problems occurredwith the welding process.
Arc Length Controller - developed models, sensors and controls to maintain constant arc length in real-time for the GMA welding process.

Welding Engineer
Edison Welding Institute (EWI)

Columbus, OH
1985 - 1989

Project proposal writing, sales, execution and management. Project topics included production problem solving, weld proceduredevelopment, and application of sensors, computers and robotics forprocess control and automation.
Arc Welding Seam Tracker System - developed and delivered GTA welding system with controller for joint tracking and weld pool sizecontrol..
Ultrasonic Welder Control - developed and delivered high-power ultrasonic welding system for joiningexotic metals in the solid-state.
Resistance Welding Electrode Life Testing - developed internal robot based spot welding and instrumentation system to conduct exhaustive electrode wear/life tests.
General Welding Engineering - acted as a welding consultant to numerous companies providing expertise in arc welding procedure development, troubleshooting and automation.

Research Associate
Ohio State University, Welding Engineering Department (OSUWE)

Columbus, OH
1983 - 1985

Experimental investigations of computerized welding process control.
Weld Penetration Controller - developed weld penetration control system for GTA welding as graduate thesis topic.

Welding Engineer
Sensotec, Inc.

Columbus, OH
1983 - 1985

General Welding Engineering
Responsible for development and maintenance of mechanized gas tungsten arc and resistance welding procedures for the fabrication of pressure and load transducers andsupport instrumentation

Engineering Intern
Sandia National Laboratory

Livermore, CA
Summer 1984

Experimental investigations of computerized welding process control.
Application of dedicated micro-controllers for welding process control and automation

Klaas Machine and Manufacturing Company

Cleveland, OH
1979 - 1981

Manual Welding
Routine use of SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, RSW in the fabrication and repair of medium to heavy section components for a variety of industries. Certified in stainless steel SMAW for Navy propulsion systems fabrication


Small Business Technology Transfer Program 1999-2002. Office of Naval Research N99-T0020278. Weld Quality Process Monitoring System - Weld Penetration Control in Ship Piping Fabrication.

Caterpillar, Inc. 2000-2001. Weld Quality Data Manager. Wireless network-based SQL client/server application for weld quality data entry and analysis.

Accudata, Inc. 1998-2000. Developed complete network-based arc weld monitoring system hardware and software.

Speed Vision Tech. 1997-1999. Developed user interface,control circuits, and driver software for collecting and analyzinghigh-speed video images.

CYBO Robots. 1997-1998. Developed automatic weld seam tracker algorithm for robotic welding system.

Central Denver Iron Works, Inc. 1998. Welding proceduredevelopment and quality assurance documentation for long span bridgeconstruction.

Philips Electronics Manufacturing Technology Center. 1997-1998. Developed hardware, software and user interface for remote network control of automated welding stations.

General Motors, Delphi Chassis Division. 1995 - 1997. Taught Delphi engineer on the application of arc sensing techniquesfor the manufacture of automotive suspension components. Follow-upvisits to the Delphi site conducted to assist in system installationand operation.

Johnson Controls, Inc. 1994 - 1996. Joint program alsoincluding Native American Technologies, Inc. (NAT) and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technologies, Inc. (AMET), to increase weld quality for Johnson Controls automotive seat manufacturing facility.

Miller Electric. 1994-1995. Investigate a concept for automatically obtaining a quantitative measure of weld spatter during GMAW and conceive methods to prevent or reduce spatter generation through real-timeprocess control.

CYBO Portable Shipyard Robotics. 1994 - 1997. A Navy technology reinvestment program. Similar to the PAWS program. Designed, delivered and integrated an arc welding sensor system for FCAW.

A.O. Smith. 1994 - 1996. Develop, install and test anarc sensing system for production line welding of truck frames usingconstant voltage GMAW. Several visits to the A.O. Smith site wereconducted to assist in system installation and operation.

Morrow Tech Industries. 1994 - 1995. Investigation the application of conventional arc welding sensing methods to the percussive arc welding process.

General Motors, AC Rochester Exhaust Business Unit. 1993-1994. Taught AC engineer at on the application of arc sensing techniques for the manufacture of stainless steel automotive exhaust system components. Follow-up visits to the AC site were conducted to assist in system installation and operation.

Programmable Arc Welding System (PAWS), 1990-1992. A Navy funded manufacturing technology demonstration program. Designed, delivered, and integrated an arc welding sensor system capable of detecting several problems typically encountered in automated, pulsed GMAW.


Colorado School of Mines, Ph.D. - Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 1994

Ohio State University, M.S. - Welding Engineering 1985

Ohio State University, B.S. - Welding Engineering 1983


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